Neo Global Solutions, Inc. is a division of RomGarJal Development Corporation. It is the brainchild of its chairman, former congressman Romeo G. Jalosjos. The advocacy is to provide sustainable job opportunities for the local community.

Determined to be the first Business Process Outsourcing Company in the region, Cong. Jalosjos brought in experts from the industry to bring the vision into fruition.

NGSI is managed by a team with a combined experience of 25 years in Customer Service, Outbound Marketing and Accounts Receivables.

In February 2016, NGSI was fully established, who then partnered with Sterling Global Call Center Incorporated, a known BPO company in the Philippines. A few months after, in May 2016, NGSI’s first domestic account was operational.

Following an aggressive marketing initiative, NGSI landed additional international account campaigns for outbound sales. This international account ranged from home energy, utilities, search engine optimization, restaurant discount cards, and telecommunications, naming a few.


Seeing the importance of developing talents for a sustainable workforce, NGSI developed a program called Neo Global Academy(NGA). NGA is a TESDA accredited training facility specializing in training potential employees in Contact Center Services NC II, English Proficiency and others, upskilling Dapitan’s workforce for Global Competitiveness . With the influx of potential candidates wishing to partake in the program, RomGarJal decided to fully establish Neo Global Academy to a now known Neo Global Institute of Technology, Inc (NGITI) in October 2017. And, in June 2018, NGITI was launched and to date, has now trained over 800 competitive agents for various qualifications and services.

The Beginning
Neo Global was Founded
  • Neo Global Solutions, Inc. was established
  • Entered into corporate partnership with Sterling Global Call Center Inc.
  • Acquired its first domestic customer service campaign for Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants.
  • Engaged its first outbound client sales campaign
  • Expanded 20 more seats for Sterling Global.
  • Additional infrastructure for 100 seat expansion was constructed.
  • Training and development group was initiated
  • Neo Global spearheaded the formation of the city’s ICT council
Moving Forward
Neo Global Spearheads Local IT Development
  • Neo Global Initiates the founding of DAPIT, Dapitan City Information Technology Council
  • DAPIT becomes an official member of the NICP, National ICT Confederation of the Philippines
  • Neo Global through DAPIT was chosen by DICT to house the RIS (Rural Impact Sourcing) Hub.
  • Neo Global Solutions, Inc. becomes an Accredited TESDA Skill Learning and Developing Center
  • Neo Global kickoff its AT&T Outbound Sales Campaign
  • DAPIT together with Neo Global Solutions, Inc. hosted the Mindanao Cluster ICT Summit.
Neo Global making headway in National IT Development
  • NGSI was hired to provide online business solutions for the office of the Chairman of Television and Production Exponents (TAPE, Inc.)
  • NGSI handled Gloria de Dapitan and Dakak Golf Club customer service and digital marketing.
  • Neo Global Solutions developed an interactive website for Gloria’s Fantasyland and Nia & Anwar, a premium musical show in the Philippines,
  • NGSI increased an additional 10 seats for its inbound campaign.
2019 - 2020
Evolving Further
Neo Global in Action
  • NGSI collaborated with VWP (Virtual Workforce Professionals), a BPO company based in Iloilo
  • NGSI gained a record-breaking annual sales increase by 400%.
Expanding Onwards
Neo Global establishing new partnerships
  • Was recognized and certified as a 51talk partner.
  • Initiated a community partnership, developing 40 ESL Teachers.
  • Increased additional 35 seats in its inbound service
  • Re-design and enhanced Gloria's Fantasyland Complex website, implementing its first new online ordering system.
  • Unveiled and launched its 5th Year corporate rebranding.