Excellent Service
without breaking the bank

In today’s social media-driven society, customers have more power and influence than ever. When your customer support services are exceptional and available round-the-clock, your reputation and sales will reap the rewards. How do you ensure customer satisfaction and increase profit margins without breaking the bank? By working with a Philippines BPO like Neo Global Solutions.

What is Inbound Customer Service?

Inbound customer service works best to provide customers with a single ring to order their products, make a payment, or simply get product information. It is a traditional approach to telephone-based customer service.

The advantages of outsourcing your inbound customer service?

As businesses grow and so are our customer’s needs. Many companies have trouble handling concerns;  that is when they decided to hire inbound services.

With a high-quality call center and aligned technological advancement, benefits are boost with the following advantages:


Obtaining a trained team who specialized in communication signifies cost-saving when outsourcing customer service. You will not only save money but also gain access to a professional team.

Increases Sales

When agents speak directly to the customer whenever promoting current products or even launching new ones, there's always a huge advantage. And once you obtain a new customer, encouraging them with other products and services is much easier.

Improved Productivity

To any small business who wants to make their mark in the industry, they need to maximize their productivity. Inbound call center representatives address issues, provide services that increased the volume of calls and, improve operations dramatically.


Inbound call centers help companies pay close attention to the needs of their customers. Customer-focused companies show that customer experience matters most.

Experience the Neo Global Difference

Boost Customer Satisfaction & Engagement

At Neo Global  Solutions, we specialize in delivering top-notch customer service, which can bolster the reputation of your business and increase brand loyalty.

Together with you, we educate our call centre personnel on the specifics of your industry and create a customised campaign that works toward achieving your goals and timeline.

Optimise your customers’ experience and enhance productivity by partnering with an established inbound call centre in the Philippines.

Our professional agents function as an extension of your company and bring a high level of expertise to the table. Whether dealing with order processing or event registration, your customers will get the prompt, courteous attention you would expect from one of your own employees.

Maximise the impact of your acquisition and retention initiatives with 24-7 inbound calling support. All employed Neo Global agents are college-educated and hand-selected to match your requirements. Our dedicated representatives have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to engage the customer and earn their respect
  • Competence and in-depth knowledge of your brand and service area
  • Friendly, helpful attitudes
  • Effective troubleshooting skills and problem-solving capabilities

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